Lake and River Conservation
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"Lake & River Conservation" is a field where approached methodology has to go hand in hand with ecology and sociology. With this concept in mind we step ahead in the field of conservation with the simple vision that lakes and rivers are our most precious natural resources and it need to be conserved and restored with a sustainable approach.

We follow a cost efficient approach focused on revival and restoration of lake & river and its surrounding habitats rather than just beautification. We use a good combination of ancient and conventional methodology with a touch of innovative techniques.

  • Customized Consultancy Services offers under are -
    • Planning
    • Designing
    • Implementation & Monitoring
    • Consultancy / Advisory
  • Objectives -
    • Conservation of lake & river as an ecosystem
    • Restore water quality of lake & river
    • Community participation for lake & river conservation
    • Conservational Economy through Educational tours and river & lake tourism (Eco-tourism)