Eco Engineering

Energy Management Solution
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We "Eco Foot Forward" introduced new "Energy Conservation Cell" which contributes towards the efficient energy utilization practices and renewable energy in urban and rural areas.

Energy conservation is the need of the day as global demands are increasing exponentially and existing conventional source of supply are not at par. Hence we "Eco Foot Forward" provide scientific research based economic innovative solutions collectively from Turnkey Project (i.e. Planning, Designing and Execution), Consultancy/ Advisory to Operation & Maintenance to diversify energy requirements, profiting both individual and global cause.

  • Services offers under are -
    • Turnkey Green Building development and services (Infrastructure Planning)
    • Pre-Feasibility Study Report (PFR)
    • Energy Management Plan (EMP)
    • Consultation on Renewable Systems (Choice, Installation, Maintenance and Payback Period)
  • Objectives -
    • Conserve existing energy supplies by exploiting potential energy recovery areas on site and promote efficient utilization of mechanical equipment.
    • Restore water quality of lake & river
    • Use of alternate renewable energy technologies, support self-sustainability and enhance aesthetic values.
    • Promote low carbon lifestyle and better work environment.