Data Centre Specialist
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Are you Multi National Company (MNC) and looking for set up Data Centre in India / South Asia by purchasing or leasing the property?

Need a partner for –

  • Due diligence for selecting & finalizing the property as per American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Standard to check environmental contamination of site under consideration, potential financial and commercial implication with EHS and if any liabilities associated with the business deal….

  • Various permissions from local concern body before operating the data centre….

  • Continuous services require to support in operation phase…. ????

If yes then please step up in "Eco foot forward" office…..

Here we can do for You -

  • Stage 1: Due diligence for selecting the property:
    • Site Development, Infrastructure, and Community Evaluation
    • Geotechnical Review
    • Natural Resources Evaluation
    • Environmental Assessment (ESA Phase I ASTM 1527-13)
    • Flood Assessment
    • Metro Connectivity Review
    • Fuel Supply Evaluation
  • Stage 2: Due diligence for finalized property:
    • Land Title Survey and Topographic Survey
    • Site Reconnaissance and Subsurface Investigation
    • Environmental Testing
    • Master Plan and Preliminary Engineering
    • Air Quality Test
    • Ambient Noise Level Monitoring
  • Stage 3: Construction phase:
    • Permissions from local planning body as per requirement (Building permission, Fire NOC, Environmental Permissions, etc.)
    • Designing, commissioning of requires Environmental Infrastructure.
  • Stage 4: Operation phase:
    • Require permission to operate data centre from local planning body as per requirement (Pollution control board, etc).
    • Time to time continuous environmental legal compliances
    • Operation & maintenance of Environmental Infrastructure.